hiroyama metal work laboratory



Business Area

1. Manufacture gear cutting tools(pinion cutter, hob, spiral bevel gear cutter)
2. Precision grinding of worms and screws
3. Various grinding formation



1.  Gear cutting tools
Pinion cutter
Spiral bevel gear cutter
2. Manufacture worm electrodes, screw electrode and master molds
3. Grinding process of worm and screw products.
4. Manufacture gear electrodes


Stills and technology

1. Comprehensive ability from designing to manufacturing of gear cutting tools
2. Forming ability of grindstones


Products for overseas

1. Small sized pinion cutters
2. Precision grinding of worms and screws


About our products

We have experience in exporting our products to Asian countries (Taiwan,KoreaandChina).



We are a gear cutting tool manufacturer with 40 years of experience.


Company Information

411-3 Shimoterao, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0081JAPAN
Hiroyama metal work laboratory
TEL: +81-467-51-0816
FAX: +81-467-51-0865


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